Is Netezza near end of life?

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Appliances that end of support

IBM has announced the end-of-support (EOS or End-of-life) dates for three generations of Netezza / IBM PureData analytics appliances. Additionally, Netezza Skimmer, Twinfin, Striper models have already passed their EOS date before the mid of 2020. Mako models will reach end of support by October 2023.

Model NameModel NumberGA DateEoM DateEoS Date
Striper Gen 2N2002-00205/05/201530/06/201530/06/2020
Striper Gen 2N2002-00505/05/201530/06/201530/06/2020
Striper Gen 2N2002-01005/05/201530/06/201530/06/2020
Striper Gen 2N2002-02005/05/201530/06/201530/06/2020
Striper Gen 2N2002-04005/05/201530/06/201530/06/2020
Mako 1/4 RackN3001-00217/10/201410/04/201810/04/2023

IBM is not extending support

IBM is NOT offering an extended support service beyond their announced end-of-support date. When Netezza devices are reaching end of life, some companies are choosing to temporarily support it with their existing team without help from IBM until the final strategic solution is in place. Also, there are 3rd parties who are supporting service for these devices. examples are

  2. Data Warehouse Support Services with Smart Associates (

Most are finding a replacement

Most companies I know are finding a replacement solution and migrating their data warehouses. Snowflake or Redshift are the two most common choices I have heard. What are your companies migrating toward?

Staying with IBM Netezza

What happened to Netezza? – Journey to AI Blog (

Read the blog entry from IBM. They are not strategically moving away from Netezza technology itself. But the popular Netezza appliance that enabled a lot of companies achieve their Data warehousing strategy is changing. They are suggesting these 2 major alternatives:

  • IBM® Netezza® Performance Server for the cloud – support current workloads but is adapted for cloud performance
  • For on premises, in the IBM Cloud Pak® for Data System hyperconverged architecture, Netezza Performance Server clients connect to the Netezza Performance Server host, which runs as a Docker container named ipshost1 on the system Control Plane node.
Netezza migration options

Move to the cloud

In conclusion, most solutions are moving toward cloud workloads and if your industry is still hesitant to move towards cloud due to regulatory, privacy or lesser control, you could find on premises alternatives. Most client I have heard of are moving to AWS (Redshift) or Snowflake on (AWS or Azure) as IBM stops support and trying to get you into their IBM cloud solution.